Meet Our Team


Linda Guild

Linda J. Guild, CAE, IOM

Role: CEO

Education: BA, Latin, Colgate University; Semester at Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome

What I Love About My Job: I am continuously learning about various industries and meeting new people. I have the opportunity brainstorm about strategy with clients and co-workers and create structure and processes. Each day is different and brings new challenges and deadlines so it’s a lot of fun!

About Me: Before starting full time at The Guild Associates in 1994, I was a nanny in Paris and in Rome and worked as a temporary employee for a semester. I also was an administrative assistant at the Department of Public Health on a stop smoking project where I organized a couple of conferences and wrote the handbook on how to make an office go smoke free. I was an intern at an association management company in Chicago. I was lucky to be trained in association management by my dad, Richard Guild.

Professional development: CAE (Certified Association Executive); IOM graduate recognition (Institute of Organizational Management); member of ASAE & NESAE

Outside of Work: I like to spend time with my family, travel, play golf with my husband, read and of course take long walks with Buddy.



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Tania F. Gomes

Role: Director of Client Relations & Communications

Education: BA, Government & International Relations, Clark University

  What I love about my job: A planner, organizer, and problem solver by nature I strive to support my clients to help them achieve the goals that will bring continuity and prosperity to their organizations. I enjoy meeting new people and gaining knowledge about the different industries of our clients.

About Me: I joined The Guild Associates originally in 2003 for 4 years before moving to Florida to pursue a career with Starbucks Coffee Corporation. I returned to Boston and The Guild Associates full time in 2017 after 18 years in retail management and operations.

Professional development: member of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)

Outside of Work: I like to stay active by going to the gym or playing sports, ran my first 5k last year, and I play cornhole in a league. I love going out with friends or family to restaurants, museums, and concerts. My goal is to travel to a new country every year.


Buddy the dogBuddy

Role: Chief Barketing Officer

Education: No formal training but I do sit when told and see a biscuit

What I Love About My Job: I get to be in the office with people and not home alone. I help the team relax and exercise daily. I'm currently transitioning to part-time as I approach retirement age.

About Me: I came up from North Carolina to rescue Linda in 2009. My favorite jobs in the office are to supervise the staff and make sure that they take regular walks. I don’t answer the phones but sometimes make my opinions known while others are on the phone. I am quite good at alerting the team when someone is at the door or just nearby. I am not so good at training.

Outside of Work: I like to take long walks and long naps and hang out with my family. I occasionally post on FaceBook


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 Role: Assistant to the Chief Barketing Officer

 About Me: A native of Massachusetts, his favorite hobbies are meeting new people, spending time exploring, and camping. He even has a successful Instagram page to share his favorite things! As the newest member of the team, true to his name, he likes to steal food, paper, shoes, and runs and hides with them.

 What I Love About My Job: Shredding paper, picking up items off the floor, and trying (unsuccessfully) to get Buddy to play with him.

Professional Development: My current career goal is to share nap space with Buddy

Outside of Work: I like meeting new friends at the dog park and I am trying to get the cat, Missy, to play with me at home